We are pleased to offer thorough, caring, and gentle dental examinations and cleanings in Diamond Bar, California. When our team performs a routine checkup, it feels anything but routine. Your exam will include digital X-rays, a dental cleaning, oral cancer screening, periodontal (gum) inspection, and a head and neck examination. We understand that many of our patients are not as thorough with their dental home care as is recommended. However, even those who brush and floss regularly cannot achieve the same feeling of cleanliness as you get from a dental cleaning at our office.

First, each tooth is examined for cavities, plaque, and damage. Next, we perform a gum examination to detect any signs of periodontal disease. An oral cancer screening is then performed to assure you of your oral and bodily health. Your head and neck are also inspected by Dr. Gary W.D. Lee for any potential issues with your gland or joints, such as those caused by TMJ or bruxism.

Finally, our dentist will make sure to thoroughly discuss the results of your exam in a clear and optional way to then plan for future treatments. It is critical you have your teeth professionally cleaned, polished, and treated with fluoride twice a year. We recommend you contact our office soon at 909-861-2331 for the best dental and total body health.